“From the moment I arrived I knew I had made the right choice. Karen puts you at ease and makes you feel that you are finally being listened to and that you matter.”

(Alison May, Cheltenham)

“Karen has so much time for you, you never feel like ‘just another patient’. Appointments are always as long as it takes and that in itself makes you feel heard and cared about. I have had four Reiki treatments now and each one has been different but I always leave feeling like I’m walking on air: so relaxed and yet so energised. It’s incredible.”

(E. Rowley, Glos.)

“I was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and had to have six sessions of chemotherapy. The homeopathic remedies and the Reiki treatments that Karen gave me during that time were invaluable in helping me to face what I was going through. I have now had the all clear and my health now is better than it has ever been. I still have regular Reiki sessions which make me feel so clean inside and always so relaxed. It has completely changed my way of thinking: how you think and feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally has such a big impact on your physical body.”

(Anne Walters, Hereford)